Question: Will your research affect or help people's lives?

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  1. Certainly.

    The research I do investigates how the brain control our bodies when we move as well as how the brain knows about the movements we are making. Understanding these systems better helps us to understand how they break down in people how are sick or injured.

    There are many different types movement disorders, but they all cause disability. Imagine, if you could no longer walk or could not longer use one of you hands. It makes it very difficult to do simple daily tasks like eating. Stroke, which is a type of brain damage, often causes people to loose the ability to move. There are 40+ movement disability that can be caused by stroke and most of them are still not understood.

    By studying how the brain control movement in healthy people we can learn how the systems work and then look at sick people and see what is broken. We can then do studies in the sick people to develop new rehabilitation therapies to help them reduce their disability.

    The results of my research can also help in understanding how some injuries happen. Learning how these injuries occur helps us to prevent them. Less injuries means less people in hospital and less money spent on treating injuries.