Question: Hi, are there others doing the same research as you?

  1. In science, there are often many people trying to answer the same question. Sometimes different scientists have different ideas on how to answer the question, sometimes we end up with the same idea. So yes, there are other people working on the same things – there are many people working on different malaria vaccines, and there are many people working on breast cancer treatments. This is actually a good thing,because in science, whatever research you do, you have to report, usually by publishing a paper in a journal related to your work. Everything you do – all the methods and experiments – that produced your results has to be in that paper.People should be able to replicate what you got, to confirm that it wasn’t just a one off experiment that gave you those results, and to show that what you’ve found is a real fact/treatment etc. If people can’t replicate your results, it means that you might have to rethink your theories. In our case, other labs have become interested in our work since we published it, so there are now more people working on the same treatment and gene that we are. So we have to try to keep ahead!