Question: How important do you think your research is?

  1. Hi Jasser – thanks for your question!

    I am making a malaria vaccine, which i think is pretty important. One child dies of malaria every 30 seconds, and more than one billion people are at risk of infection.

    Although Australia was declared malaria free in the 1980’s it is still a huge health problem for our neighbouring countries. Malaria kills thousands of people in Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and is found in many of the countries where we send our troops and peace keepers. And there is no malaria vaccine, no way to protect people from this deadly disease.

    So, yeah, pretty important.


  2. hi Jasser! I’m studying breast cancer and testing some possible treatments for this terrible disease, which is one the leading causes of death in women in Australia. Plus, the gene and treatment I am looking at looks as if it could be useful for treating other cancers, including prostate cancer. There are many kinds of breast cancer and not all of them respond to common cancer therapies like chemotherapy or radiation.Also, a lot of breast cancers (and cancers generally) metastasize – that is, the cells from the cancer escape and spread to other parts of the body. So while we are often successful in treating the primary tumour, we can’t always prevent or treat the metastases until much much later. The treatments I’m working on have suggested that they could reduce or treat metastases, which would be a huge help in treating cancer. So I think the research I’m involved in is pretty important.