Upulie Divisekera

Photo: Upulie

Me and my Work: I’m working on new treatments for breast and other cancers.

Status: I'd really like it if Darren and I both won. But since that's unlikely, I'd like if *I* won. Please vote for me. I study cancer. And I have a lightsabre!

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Tara Fernandez

Photo: Tara

Me and my Work: Growing human skin in a test tube…

Status: Down with the 'flu. But science never stops!

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Lee Walsh

Photo: Lee

Me and my Work: Designing and performing experiments on humans to look at how the brain, nerves and muscle work when we move around.

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Krystal Evans

Photo: Krystal

Me and my Work: I am creating a new malaria vaccine – cause there isn’t one!

Status: oh no! Evicted! It was fun while it lasted - thanks for all the great questions and chats :)

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Darren Saunders

Photo: Darren

Me and my Work: We’re trying to figure out what makes tumour cells different from normal ones, so we can design better ways to treat cancer.

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