Question: out of 10 how much fun do you have making science experiments?

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  1. Hi Eboni – thanks for all your questions!

    I think it depends on the experiment

    9/10 for an experiment which gives me a new exciting result that helps show my idea for a vaccine will work

    6/10 for an experiment that I know already works, but I have to repeat it to build the body of evidence that it really does work all the time.. it can be a bit repetitive at times!

    1/10 for an experiment where I run out of the chemicals I need, the machine I want to use breaks down and the results I get don’t make sense cause the experiment hasn’t work.

    Like any job – science has it’s ups and downs. But the ups are pretty cool!!


  2. 8/10 when everything is working as it should.

    1/10 when something important isn’t working and I can’t fix it.

    10/10 when something isn’t working, but I can fix it.


  3. When it looks like my experiment worked – 7 to 8/10

    When I get an awesome result? 11/10!!

    When it’s been a long day and nothing has worked or I messed something up? 3/10.


  4. 9/10… unless they don’t work when it more like a 2/10