Question: Are you friends with the other scientists in this program???

  1. I’m friends with Kate in the food zone, and I chat to some of the other scientists on Twitter but other than that we don’t know each other. Krystal tells me I was her tutor at Uni a few years ago… but I think her memory is better than mine 😉


  2. Darren WAS my tutor in 2nd year uni biology!! I can’t believe he can’t remember me *giggle* I guess there were probably 200 other students there too…

    I met Upulie at the “Rally for Research” in April when we were protesting cuts to medical research funding, and we have some friends in common. And we figured out we both worked in the same lab once, but at different times! Science can be a small world.

    I haven’t met Tara or Lee – but they seem pretty cool. Maybe we will have an “I’m a Scientist” reunion when it is all over 🙂


  3. I haven’t met any of the other scientists. Maybe I will if Krystal gets her reunion organised.


  4. I haven’t met any of the other scientists before, but we are friends! Right?? Come on guys! I’m nice enough!!

    Yeah, it would be great to meet up with you guys when we’re done! 😀


  5. I speak to many of the scientists on IAS on Twitter, especially Darren and Krystal, but I’ve only ever met Krystal in real life! We met at the Rally for Research and as she says, we have many friends in common so I guess we were bound to meet at some point! Would definitely love to meet everyone in person after it’s over.