Question: Do u all like being a scientist?

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  1. Hi Nav and Carley – Thanks for your question!

    Yes, I really enjoy being a scientist! I am a curious person by nature, I love finding out new things and solving problems, so being a scientist really suits me. I also like the mix of doing hands-on work, with doing work that makes me use my brain everyday. Being a scientist is a really flexible job, and I have lots of independance – my boss doesn’t watch every single thing I do, I’ve got a lot of control over my work, which is important to me.

    It can be hard work, and trying to prove something new to the world is a big challenge – but I really enjoy it!


  2. nav and carly – thanks for your question!

    I do enjoy being a scientist! Like most scientists, I want to find things out, understand how the natural world works and I like to solve problems. I like having a job where I don’t have to sit at a desk all day (though I still spend time doing desk-work!) and I get to set my own timetable – I work pretty independently in that way. I get to do things with my hands, but it still involves thinking about the scientific problem and a lot of technical skill.And I love finding out new things. Finding out something new doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, there’s no feeling like it!


  3. I do like being s scientist. It can be a lot of hard work, but what I enjoy most about it is learning new things and as research scientists it is my job to learn new things that no body else knows. I also like the freedom to pursue the questions that I find most interesting and important. The flexibility of the job is also very good, as long as I get the work done on time it does not really matter where or when I do it. This means that if I need to work from home some days, or leave early some days I ca do so.

    There are times when it has been hard work as stressful, but really enjoy being a research scientist.