Question: did you do any science experiments when you were a kid? if you did what were they.

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  1. Hi Eboni – thanks for your question!

    My mum is a biology teacher, and when I was a kid she used to bring home lots of stuff for me and my sisters to do. We chopped up cow’s eyeballs to see all the different parts of the eye – have you ever done this? I thought it was so cool to pop the lens out of the eye and use it to magnify things – and look how shiny and cool the retina is.

    And when I was in Year 7 I did a big science project on my local creek. I took lots of measurements, like temperature, salinity (salt), acidity (pH) and all the stuff dissolved in the water. I also looked at water flow and the types of plants in and around the water and came up with a measure of how healthy the creek was.

    I guess I always like science – cause it is so hands on!


  2. Hi Eboni,

    I sure did do experiments when I was a kid! I actually tried to make up my own experiments to do since we didn’t really do any at school. I even kept a little book where I wrote down the experiments that I did. I was given a toy microscope when I was 9 with some slides – took me a while to figure out how to use it. I did an experiment to see what coloured dyes you get in textas. I tried to make nitrogen from nitrogen fixing bacteria – they are bacteria that you find in little bobbles on the roots of plants called legumes – peas, beans etc.They take nitrogen in the air and turn it into nitrates in the soil.Nitrates are a form of nitrogen that plants can take up. So they make their own fertiliser, really. So I tried making nitrogen by mashing up these bobbles from the roots of peas with water and some soil and left them for a few days. All I got was green gunge. It really wasn’t a well-thought out experiment 😉

    And when my cousin, who had an aquarium, had a goldfish die on him once, I tried to dissect it..I swear it was already dead..(I didn’t in the end though.Couldn’t find anything sharp enough!)


  3. Yes i did. I had a couple of good science teachers and so I got do do some interesting experiments at school like crushing petrol cans with water or smelting copper from copper ore. I also had a chemistry set at home that I used to make hydrogen and other things.