Question: What animal is near intelligent as a human being?

  1. Gerat question, @sie0004!

    It’s difficult to measure intelligence in animals, as they don’t communicate in the same way as we do. Some people think that animals don’t have any intelligence at all! Intelligence is measured by what is called an intelligence quotient test (IQ Test): a series of tests that test your ability to reason, solve problems and recognise patterns. We perform IQ tests on humans in the language they aer accustomed to speaking. Animals don’t have that luxury,so we use other ways of testing them, if at all.

    However, there are scientists that try to see what kind of intelligence animals have. Did you know that squid are very intelligent animals? They have huge neurons in their heads and there are some squid that grow to a huge size.

    But on studies carried out so far, it appears that dolphins are possibly the smartest, non-human animals on the planet. In fact, its possible that they are smarter than humans. We know this from studying the way dolphins behave with each other – they have complex social groups and appear to have complex and defined ways of communicating with each other using clicks and whistles. And they also good at learning and they also like to play. All these characteristics – ability to communicate, learning, playing and complex social behaviours point to a high intelligence. They are incredible creatures.