Question: is it possible to take the brain and heart of a grown adult person and put it in the body of a cow and still let the person whos brain was transplanted to act like a human? If the answer is yes , how much would this treatment cost for me to get it done into the body of an alsatian?

  1. Borat, I really liked the X-files movie too 😉
    If we transplanted the brain and heart of an adult – or a child – or whatever-into a cow, neither brain,heart nor cow body would survive. Firstly, the nervous system in the cow wouldn’t be the same, so what would you hook up the brain’s neurons to? The human heart would also be too small for a cow, not enough power to pump blood around the body. Plus, the cow’s immune system would react against the foreign tissue and attack it. Then there’s the problem of blood supply – blood supplies nutrients to the brain and heart and other organs. The blood would be all cow blood, which the human brain and heart could not deal with. So unless you know of any immunisuppressants – drugs that suppress the immune system – for cows, or some ideas about how to connect the nerves of a cow’s nervous system to a human brain AND a way for the brain and heart to take up nurtrients from cow’s blood, it’s not going to happen.

    Quite the evil scientist idea!