Question: What are you currently testing?

  1. Hi Robert – thanks for your question!

    I am currently testing a malaria vaccine in the lab, but i hope to do a clinical trial in people within the next two years. My hope is that the vaccine will protect people from malaria, and contribute to the world wide goal of eliminating malaria.


  2. Hi Robert, thanks for your question! We’re trying to find more treatments for breast cancer and cancers generally.

    I’m currently testing two treatments for breast cancer. I’m also trying to see if the gene I’m interested in is involved in prostate cancer, so we can use the same treatments to treat some prostate cancers as well. So if it turns out that the treatments can be used for more than once type of cancer, we might be able use it for many more. So we are also looking to see if the gene in question is involved in colon cancer and ovarian cancer!


  3. I’m currently doing experiments to test a few different things.

    One experiment is looking at how the brain knows where our arms and legs are, and which information from the body is important for different body parts and signals.
    One experiment is testing how the brain know that our body is our body and which information and cues are important.
    Another experiment is looking at how people can control their breathing.
    A fourth experiment is looking at the role of the tongue in breathing, specifically how it moves to keep our airway open.

    I’m also testing a few machines I have built so I can use them for some new experiments in the next couple of months.