Question: do you like theory?

  1. dills, I love theory .It’s possible that I love theory more than I love practical, bench work! I like theory because I like the ideas behind science, behind how we understand and how we think about how the world works. Because when you are trying to undertand how somthing works, it helps to have an idea of how and why you think it works a certain way. This is called a hypothesis, it’s a theory or idea you have of how something works. Then, we need to test this hypothesis, and the way to test it is called the null hypothesis, you have to get a negative answer.That is,the experiment has to be set up so it proves the opposite of your hypothesis is true.

    To come up with a theory or hypothesis, you have to be thoughtful, imaginative and creative. Science couldn’t exist without theories, but science always needs evidence to eventually test those theories and hypotheses.

    One of the best examples of this is atomic theory. Democritus was an ancient Greek who came up with the idea that there were tiny particles called atoms that were the building blocks of everything in the universe. This idea developed over time, and now we have quantum theory that tries to describe the very weird, complicated private lives of atoms. We now know, through testing that was only carried out in the past 200 years, that not only do atoms exist, but that many subatomic particles do as well.

    As I said, I love theory 🙂 and I love good ideas!