Question: Have you ever doubted Scientific conclusions? I mean, are there things about the world you still find a mystery to Scientific research?

  1. Yes there are scientific conclusions that I have doubted. This might be because I have seen results that suggest something else is likely, or because I don’t think the correct experiment was done.

    When I doubt a result in my own field I will try to reproduce it with my own experiment. This is an important part of validating scientific results . If a another scientists does the same experiment they should get the same result. If they get a different result then something is different between the two experiments and it needs to be worked out. This is a good thing because it pushes the research forward and towards the complete answer.

    There are many things about the world that are still a mystery to me and science in general. Even within my own field, which is a small part of science, there are a huge number of things that I do not know. This is what I am a research scientist, I want to find those things out.


  2. Of course. Sometimes, there is no “right” or “wrong” answer…

    In particular, when working with human cells, there are so many differences between people that it’s hard to find one conclusion.

    Human biology is such a complex field, I really believe that we have only discovered the tip of the iceberg about how the body works and why things go wrong.



  1. That is quite interesting. What do you think, science-wise, can be concluded about things like ‘spirits’? Or things like that that can be either believed, or simply thought of as mumbo-jumbo.