Question: Do you believe in the theory of evolution or religious ideas for how we are here?

  1. The theory of evolution is by far the most reasonable explanation to explain the physical evidence. Religion is based on faith, not evidence.


  2. You know if you think about it, science and religion ask and answer two different kinds of questions. Science asks “how does soemthing happen, and why, and how can we solve a problem.” Religion asks “why are we here? how can we live a good life?” Science needs evidence, religion needs faith.

    So the theory of evolution is the best model that we have to explain how we got here – that over time, organisms changed, species adapt to new environments, and new species arose. We have plenty of evidence that evolution occurs, through the fossil record mainly.

    But evolution is also constantly happening around us. Studies of populations of animals in certain environments over time have shown that animals in those populations adapt to new conditions and change. You might have heard that bacteria can become resistant to antibiotics. This is an example of evolution. In a population of bacteria, there are slight variations in protein sequence, structure etc. Very slight. But some of these variations might enable those bacteria to survive if they are not given a deadly dose of antibiotics. So the antibiotics kill off the other bacteria which don’t have the variations,and the ones that survive (because the dose wasn’t taken properly) live on and reproduce. This is an example of an organism adapting to poor conditions and surviving – evolution at work.