Question: is it possible to create a griffin by getting lion sperm and inserting it into an eagles egg?

  1. Sorry – but Griffins are purely imaginary.

    Lions and eagles are two different species of animal, and different species can’t usually breed together – the egg and the sperm just aren’t compatible and you won’t get fertilization or the formation of a Griffin.


  2. I wish it were possible to have griffins, but it wouldn’t be possible to create one. Species generally can’t breed with each other, they can only breed with other members of their own species. Lions and eagles are totally different and not even closely related as, say,lions and tigers are.Lions and tigers can mate to produce ligers, but the offspring can’t have children – they are sterile. In the same way, sperm and eggs from different species can’t recognise each other and so won’t form an embryo.

    I suppose you could try to engineer a griffin from scratch..some people are trying to create organisms from scratch,but only bacteria and viruses so far. But it would take a long time and a lot of work!