Question: If you mixed dog's and cat's sperm would you make a cat/dog?

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  1. No, cause cats and dogs are different species. And that’s actually the definition of a species, animals that can only breed with themselves.

    So while different kinds of dogs can breed, like a cross between a labrador and a poodle is a labradoodle, you can’t mix and match dogs and cats to get a cat/dog.


  2. No, you wouldn’t be able to make a cat-dog (especially like this one: [cat dog song] !). They are two separate species, and animals from a species can only breed with other animals from their own species. Different dog breeds can breed with each other because they are all dogs, and in the same way, different breeds of household cats can breed with each other. Some of the big cats, like lions and tigers, are closely related and you do have some instances where tigers and lions haev mated – producing ligers! But because they are not the same species, the ligers can’t have more ligers.

    The other problem is,that to make an organism, you need to have sperm and an egg, so mixing sperm from two animals even of the same species would not produce an whole animal.