Question: does a egg beater work as a force mulitiplier or what is it if not

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  1. An egg beater is the opposite of a force multiplier (a force divider) because it is a large gear turning a small one. What an egg beater does multiply is speed. Every time the big gear goes around once, the little ones go around multiple times and this means that the small gears move faster than the big one that you are turning.

    To have gears perform force multiplication you need to have a small gear turning a big one.

    The way to work out how much the force and speed get divided or multiplied is to count the number of teeth on each wheel and work out the ‘gear ratio’. For example, if the big wheel has 50 teeth and the little gear has 5 the gear ratio is 50:5, or 10 if you simplify it by dividing 50 by 5. The gear ratio is the factor that multiples or divides the speed and the force. So in my example the gear ratio is 10, so if I turn the big gear the little gear will go 10 times faster and with 1/10 of the force. If I turn the little gear the big one will turn with 1/10 of the speed but 10 times the force.

    If you have a look at your egg beater you should be able to count the teeth on the gears and work out the gear ratio. How much does it multiply the speed of the beaters?


  2. Lee’s the engineer… I’ll be interested read his answer and learn something!