Question: what is the ancestor of a cat . And is the ancestor of a dog really a wolf ?

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  1. This is outside my area of expertise, a zoologist would know this best.

    Do you mean domestic (pet) cats and dogs?

    Domestic cats and dogs both came from species that were in the wild at the time and humans captured them and then bred them produce the traits that were wanted. For example, if you want a lazy white cat, the you should breed from lazy white cats not angry black ones. Some of the breeds of dog were domesticated from species of wolves, but I don’t think all of them were.


  2. To work out if two species of animals are related, scientists look at their genome and see how similar or different the DNA sequences are.

    Scientists compared the gene sequences of wolves and dogs showed that yes, wolves were the ancestors of dogs.

    For cats, genome sequences have shown that their ancestors are the wild cats of Africa, Europe and China.