Question: What are the downsides to your job?

  1. The main downside for me is job security. My salary is paid by grants that myself and my colleagues have applied for and received. Grants usually only go for a few years, which means that every few years I need to reapply for my salary. This is not how it is for all scientists, only those that have their salaries funded by grants.

    I’ve chosen to deal with this downside because I enjoy the work and my hours are flexible, which gives me time to do other things I enjoy.


  2. One of the downsides to my job is the crazy hours I can sometimes work. Some experiments run all day with few breaks or require you to be in the lab at odd hours, sometimes you have to come in on the weekend. On the positive side of the crazy hours, you largely get to be your own boss and plan your own schedule for work.

    Like Lee, job security is another downside – there isn’t any. My work and m salary are also funded by grants that run from 1-3 years. So we have to reapply for funding every few years. But I love what I’m doing so I’ve been sticking around in spite of the downsides.