Question: what makes you different from other scientist?

  1. Hi Dinosure – I guess the simple answer is – I’m me!

    I am passionate about my research, and I am fascinated by science, I like solving puzzles and asking questions about how things work and why. But I think most of the other scientists here are also like that too… we’re all really interested in science and love talking about it to other people!

    My research is a bit different, as my aim is to help people in developing worlds who are at risk of malaria infection. Australia was declared free of malaria in the 1980’s, but it is still a huge health problem for neighbouring countries like Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands, and places where we send our troops and peacekeepers. And there is no vaccine to protect people from malaria, which is why i am working on making one.

    I chose to work on malaria so that I could make a difference in the world.


  2.’s always hard to answer this sort of question. I’m different because..I’m me?!

    Well..I’m passionate about science and I love talking about science to and with people. I work on cancer (for now) because I think it’s a terrible disease that is very difficult to treat,and as I have seen patients, friends and family friends go through it, I want to do my best to contribute to the search for more treatments. Cancer affects most people at some stage in their lives, either through knowing someone who has gone through it to, and we hope to prevent his, through getting cancer themselves. So I want to prevent that from happening or find ways to treat it.

    I’m in science because I love it and it intrigues and challenges me, but also because in doing science and talking about I can help change the world.

    And I guess..I’m passionate about many things from arts, to literature,music and film. I choose science as my profession, and when I’m out of the lab I try to look for other ways to make things better and change the world.