Question: Who's your faviourite scientist of all time??

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  1. My favourite scientist has to be Professor Barry Marshall.

    He is from Perth in Western Australia (where I did my uni degree) and he is a microbiologist, or a scientist that studies tiny organisms such as bacteria and viruses.

    Barry had a theory that stomach ulcers were not caused by “stress”, which was what was thought at the time. Instead, he believed they were caused by a strain of bacteria called Helicobacter pylori.

    For many years, people rejected his theory and thought that it was impossible. To prove them right, Barry actually DRANK a test tube filled with these bacteria to give himself a stomach ulcer!!

    5 days later he developed and ulcer and managed to treat himself with antibiotics. How incredible!

    (Don’t try that at home!!!)


  2. Batman! He’s a scientist, a detective and rich.

    If you need someone who actually exists then I would say the scientists who have been my mentors. Professor Uwe Proske, Professor Simon Gandevia and Associate Professor Janet Taylor. These scientists are world leaders in their fields and still made the time and effort to teach me how to be the successful scientist that I am.


  3. Hmmm..I have a few favourite scientists..can’t pick just one. I’m a fan of Professor Gustav Nossal because he has done great, pioneering work in the field of immunology. Not only is he a great scientist, but he’s a great humanitarian as well. He’s been involved with the Gates Foundation and the World Health Organisation and has been involved in the attempts to eradicate diseases like polio.

    My other favourite is a Sri Lankan scientist, Professor Cyril Ponnamperuma (I’ll call him Prof Cyril for short!) . He was Sri Lanka’s greatest scientist and studied the origins of life.He worked with all the best scientists in the field, and NASA picked him to head the team that examined the moon rocks brought back by the Apollo 11 team. Can you imagine holding moon rocks in your hand, let alone getting to study them? I thought that was awesome. For a few years, I lived in Sri Lanka during my junior high school years, and my Dad worked in the scientific Institute he was head of. I met him many times. He was my earliest mentor, at a time when I wanted to be an astronomer and we used to joke that as he got to study the moon rocks, I would study Jupiter’s composition. As well as being an eminent scientist, he ran science outreach programs for the community, for high school students and he even had artists and poets give seminars at his very scientific institute. He also invited me to come to any seminars and school programs I thought would be interesting, whether I understood it or not – this was when I was 11-12 years old. He was my hero. He died in 1994.


  4. Hi to everyone who asked this question – it’s a good one!

    I have always been inspired by Professor Frank Fenner. He was an Australian scientist who was responsible for the world wide elimination of small pox. It was his dream to see small pox wiped off the planet, a disease that used to kill millions of people and was one of the most deadly diseases known to man. And he did it! He is probably one of the most amazing scientists never to win the Nobel Prize.

    Small pox is still the only disease that has been fully eliminated from the world. I hope that I will live to see malaria added to the list!

    What about you? Who is your favourite scientist of all time?