Question: is primary school, where you smart?

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  1. I was considered one of the smart kids in primary school, but I was only good at somethings. I was good at the maths and science things, but was not so good at english and writing. My teachers used to hate my hand writing, and I was the last person in my class to graduate from a pencil to a pen.


  2. I was really good at languages and art when I was in primary school, but not so good at Maths!

    I think that it’s not important to be labelled as one of the “smart kids” when you’re in school. What’s more important is that you enjoy learning, work well with your classmates and keep asking questions and being curious!


  3. I think I was considered pretty average in primary chool – no one really called me smart! But I have always been really hopeless at maths.