Question: Do you look for cures for cancer?

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  1. Finding a cure for a particular cancer is the ultimate goal, and that’s what we are trying to do. A lot of the treatments we currently use don’t work very well for large numbers of patients and often have nasty side effects that make people really sick. So, our research is trying to understand the disease better so we might be able to design better treatments.

    In some kinds of cancer we are actually close to being able to treat most patients really effectively (for example testicular cancer). But, realistically, most researchers think we will eventually figure out ways to let people live “normal” lives whilst keeping their disease under control.


  2. We’re looking for more specific cures for cancers. I don’t think that there will be a single treatment for cancer, a single pill to take, as all cancers are so different. The more we study cancer the better we understand it, which allows us to design novel ways for treating its various forms. In the future, hopefully we will be able to design tailor-made treatments depending on the kinds of cancer an individual develops.