Question: Are other tobacco products, such as smokeless tobacco or pipe tobac killers to?

  1. Hi say0001,

    Good question! A lot of people seem to think smoking a pipe or tobacco in another form is safer than cigarettes. While cigarettes are manufactured so that they contain all kinds of additives, in the end whether you’re smoking tobacco in a pipe or a cigarette, you are still setting something alight and breathing in the smoke. It’s the burning and smoking that’s the problem. In burning, you are producing various kinds of gases and smoke particles that you are then concentrating into a small space and breathing into your lungs .

    Our lungs are made up of many, many tiny sacs made of membranes – they are very thin layers of cells. This makes them flexible, so they can expand to take up air when you breathe in. When you smoke, you damage these little air sacs, called alveoli (singular: alveolus) with the heat from the smoke, the particles and the poisonous gases that form from the burning of the tobacco. So really, nothing is safe to smoke. This why during housefires,many people suffer from the effects of smoke inhalation – the particles in the smoke and the gases from the burning badly affect the lungs.

    As for smokeless tobacco – I think there are many kinds of it, some that you chew and some herbal cigarettes that you can smoke.The point of these products is actually to help you stop smoking (although taking in any kind of smoke for a long time will still affect your lungs). They still deliver nicotine, one of the most addictive substances on the planet. So even if they don’t affect you as badly as cigarette or pipe smoke,they are still delivering nicotine to your body and you want to avoid that.


  2. good question! Actually, smoking form a pipe is probably worse than anything because there is no filtering of the smoke. Basically, anytime you inhale burning tobacco (in any form) you are putting yourself at very high risk of lung, tongue and throat cancer