Question: how serious is cancer in the oesophagus and the stomach?

  1. Stomach and oesophogeal cancers are cancers that form in the lining of the stomach, the stomach muscle, or parts of the tissue that makes up the oesophagus. They are very slow growing cancers and often won’t be detected for many years. They are also hard to test for, as you can imagine, looking in the stomach or the oesophogaus isn’t easy. These cancers can be caused by smoking, excessive alcohol comsumption or other factors such as diet. They are fairly treatable – surgery can remove the cancers,or they can be treated with chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Like all cancers, they are more responsive to treatment if they are detected early. If they aren’t detected early, they can be treated but the liklihood of curing the disease is lower. You can find out more about these cancers at the Cancer Council website: