Question: why are some animals are venomous and some are not? (like snakes!)

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  1. Venom is a way for animals to protect themselves against predators, but also to help them hunt their prey. Some animals use venom to paralyse and sometimes, to pre-digest, the creatures they want to eat.

    Venom is a dangerous thing to have in your body, even if you are the one making it. And it is also quite difficult to make, many of the venoms found in nature cannot be made synthetically in the lab. So some animals haven’t developed the ability to either make venom or to safely store it in their bodies – which is why they are not venomous.

    Did you know that there are lots of venomous lizards? I only found this out this year when I heard Prof Bryan Fry talking about his research on venomous creatures. Goannas and iguanas are both venomous! Fact! If you want to know more about venom check out his website at