Question: To try and stop the malaria do you stop the disease in the mosquito's or humans??? Mosquito's would be harder as there are alot of them and they cannot go to doctors, but is that what you are trying to do???

  1. Hi Leknarf! Great question – I like the way you think!

    Scientists are working on ways to stop malaria in both humans and mosquitoes, then there will be no more malaria to spread and hopefully we will be able to wipe it off the face of the planet.

    An interesting discovery is that mosquitoes infected with a harmless type of bacteria, called Wolbachia (Wool-bark-e-ah) can’t become infected with malaria! This bacteria is found naturally living in lots of different insects, but isn’t normally found in the mosquitoes that spread malaria. And the bacteria is easily spread between mosquitoes, if you put one mosquito infected with the bacteria into a group, soon all the mosquitoes would have it. So the idea is to try and get all the mosquitoes to become infected with the harmless bacteria, so they can’t spread malaria between people. Genius!