Question: Why is it that humans dont have necks like turtles (Cant extend and shrink)

  1. Because humans don’t need necks like turtles.

    Turtles have a hard shell to protect them from predators and to protect their head they nee to be able to bring it inside their shell. However to see where they are going and to eat they need to be able to stick it out of their shell.

    Humans did not evolve with a shell to protect ourselves and so as cool as it might be we also didn’t evolve a neck to poke in and out of a shell. Humans had very few predators and we had other ways of protecting ourselves, such as running and being smarter than our predators.


  2. Humans don’t have necks like turtles because we don’t need to have retractable necks (though it would be kind of cool). Turtles can retreat into their shells because they evolved to – it’s their only line of defence against a predator. So during their evolution, turtles had to evolve a hard shell, which made it a bit harder to move around quickly but is really good protection, and to defend the softer parts of the body they evolved retractable limbs and necks. Humans would not have had the same predators and evolutionary pressures while evolving. The earliest ancestors of humans were able to walk upright, which means they would have been able to run,and it’s also clear that early humans made tools and weapons, so humans defend themselves in other ways.