Question: Do you believe that the medical science field is growing fast enough? (By this I mean, do you think that there's enough funding and general requirement of attention to allow this subsection of science to grow)

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  1. I would like to see medical research in Australia grow more and faster and I would like to see more funding for it. There are so many areas of medical research which are not getting as much attention and research as they could. It is also difficult to secure funding for medical research be there are so many scientists, with so many important studies applying for a small amount of money.

    That competition is good in a way because it ensures that you have to have an important question, a very good project and be doing good science to get funded. However, I think it is currently more competitive than it should be.

    At the moment I think the Australian government should be investing more into medical research (and science in general). They certainly should not be cutting it as they suggested they would for this years budget. You may have heard about the protests a few months ago regarding that.


  2. Australia has made some amazing discoveries in medical research – how to make flu vaccines, the bionic ear, and treatments for cancer, diabetes, arthritis.. so much great science! In fact, per person, Australia produces the most results in medical research in the world!

    But the amount of money Australian medical researchers get is far less than in other countries, and I wouldn’t want to see that amount get any smaller! That is why I was part of a campaign this year called “Discoveries need Dollars” to protect medical research funding in Australia. I organised an event called the “Rally for Research” and more than 12,000 people took part in cities all across Australia!!

    There is still so many diseases that have no cure and health conditions that need new and better treatments. So I would like to see more investment in medical research in Australia – being able to detect and treat diseases actually helps save money! And Australian scientists have made so many breakthroughs already – with a bit more funding – we could do so much more!