Question: Do you go to events, like lectures to tell people about your work?

  1. Yes! Science is a very international job, there are people all round the world working in malaria research (and cancer, and neuroscience)

    So scientists get together at conferences, where people give talks and present the findings of their research. I love the chance to hear about new advances in science, to ask leading world experts questions and get feedback about my research. Of course, I do get a bit nervous before I give a big talk, but its great to be able to share my work with people.

    Sometimes the conferences are in Australia – I’ve been to ones in Port Douglas, Brisbane, Canberra, Sydney and Cairns. But I’ve also been to international conferences to talk about my research. Last year I went to Seattle in the USA, and got to hear Bill Gates talk and meet with some really amazing scientists and hear about their work into HIV, tuberculosis, malaria and vaccines. Very cool.

    And.. the best bit about going to an international conference, is that you can take some holiday time at the end and get to see different parts of the world. Tanzania, Switzerland, USA, UK… I’ve been to some great places for conferences!


  2. All the time.

    One of the most important things a scientists does is telling everyone about their work. It’s our job to learn things that nobody knows, but there is no point if we keep it to ourselves!

    I would usually go to a few conferences a year, both in Australia and overseas, and I go to local lectures and seminars near work and around Sydney nearly every week. Conferences are big events, usually a few days of lectures/seminars and some sight seeing. If I go to a conference I always present some of my own work and I usually get to present my work at the local seminars a couple of times a year.