Question: Is it true that some people can speak or whisper to animals?

  1. Well everyone can speak to animals – I heard my neighbour yelling at her dog this afternoon – but I guess you’re asking about animal “whisperers” who communicate directly with animals.

    Animals, like horses and dogs, respond very well to body language, even more than spoken commands. So most of the communication between people and animals is to do with facial expresssions, posture, gestures and movement – probably more than language or sound. There is a lot of research being done on animal body language and there are lots of experts who use this knowledge to understand how an animal is feeling. Understanding animal body language has lots of practical applications – like dog training and obediance classes and looking after the health of farm animals.

    So there are a lot of people who claim to “talk to the animals” and I would say most of them rely on body language, rather than spoken words, to communicate.


  2. To add to what Krystal said.

    Communicating with animals is easier the more highly evolved the animal because they have more complex brains and can understand more complex signals from us and also because they have more complex way of communicating that we can pick up on.

    It is much easier to train and understand mammals, and some birds compared to say fish or insects.