Question: When did you know you wanted to be a scientist?

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  1. I was always interested in science at school, and both my parents were science teachers, so that probably helped. When I was in Year Six we had a dress-up disco at school and you had to come dressed as something that starts with the letter “S”. Most of my friends went as singers and sports stars, but I went as a scientist. So I was pretty into science even in primary school.

    But it wasn’t till I was in Year 10 and I went to a careers night at Sydney Uni and heard people talking about medical research as a career that I decided that I definitely wanted to be a scientist. Then when i was at university, doing a science degree, I read a lot about malaria, that so many people die of this disease and that there was no vaccine, and that’s when I decided I wanted to work on malaria.


  2. I knew in Year 9, when someone came to my school and did a talk on Biotechnology and how scientists were developing a method of growing cube-shaped oranges. CUBE-SHAPED ORANGES?? To make packing them into boxes easier!

    That to me was the most awesome idea ever at the time, and since then, I always wanted to be a scientist.


  3. I always had an interest in science at school, but I did not know for sure that I wanted to be a scientist until I was half way through my course at university.

    I chose to go to uni to study science and engineering but was not certain if it was what I wanted to be. Mostly because I had the opportunity to work in a science lab at Masterfoods when I was school and it was not very interesting. It was just sitting in the lab all day mixing things that I did not understand.

    However half way through my university degree I got the option to take an extra year and do some research. I that year I had a lot of fun, I got to design my own experiments, do the experiments, present the results at a national conference and even publish them in a paper. That year was when I was sure that I wanted to be a scientist.


  4. I really didn’t know what I wanted to do while I was at school, and tried engineering for a year before eventually finding my way into science. Looking back now though, I think it was probably inevitable that I was going be a scientist of some kind. I have always been curious about “how things work”, and growing up next to a National Park meant I spent a lot of time out in the bush when I was a kid.


  5. I’ve always wanted to be a scientist ,though I have looked at and done a few non-science things on the side! Since I was in primary school I’ve been interested in everything from fossils to space. My Dad joined a research institute when I was 11 (though he’s not a scientist!) and I got to see what a research institute was like.I wanted to be an astronomer,and maybe become an astronaut,but when I was 13 someone gave me a book called “Biotechnology,” which explained a lot about molecular biology. It changed me completely,and I forgot about astronomy and now here I am in medical research! Cancer is one of the trickiest diseases to treat,so most of my career has been devoted to trying to work out ways we can beat this disease.