Question: is it true that when a pigeon eats panadol it blows up?!

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  1. manny, I don’t think it’s true that when a pigeon eats panadol, it blows up. Panadol is the trade name for a tablet that contains the drug paracetamol. I think the idea that pigeons explode when you give them a tablet comes from the idea taht birds can’t burp – or expel excess gas. For a bird to have such a high build up of gas in its stomach, you would need it to swallow a substance that dissolves very quickly, in very,very acidic conditions and produces alot of gas. Panadol would not be effervescent enough, it wouldn’t produce enough gas fast enough. A tablet like alka-seltzer or some vitamins might be produce more gas than panadol. Even though a bird’s stomach is far, far smaller than ours, you still would not be able to produce enough gas through one tablet.And then, how would you get the bird to eat the entire tablet?

    Disclaimer: Please do not try this at home anyway 😉 It’s a bit mean to birds