Question: why are chocolate sweet?

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  1. One of my favourite subjects!

    Chocolate is sweet because of all the sugar put into it at the chocolate factory! Actually, pure cocoa, the main ingredient in chocolate, is quite bitter. Cocoa is made from the seeds of the cacao tree, which grows native in central America. There are a bunch of really strong chemicals in cocoa that can have pretty strong effects on your body (like lowering blood pressure). One of the chemicals is called theobromine and is actually pretty toxic to dogs… you should never give dogs chocolate!

    My favourite kind of chocolate is the really dark stuff, with 85% cocoa, which isn’t that sweet at all. You can even get chilli flavoured chocolate, which actually tastes pretty good, but isn’t sweet either.


  2. Because it is loaded up with sugar!

    Cocoa solid (or cocoa powder if you buy it from the supermarket) is where the chocolate flavour comes from but it’s quite bitter. Chocolatiers add sugar to make chocolate sweet. The different types of chocolate are made by altering the ratio of sugar and cocoa solid. White chocolate (yuck!) has heaps of sugar and not much solid (or none at all), dark chocolate (yum!) has less sugar and more cocoa solid. Milk chocolate is in the middle.


  3. Mmmm.. chocolate. Sweet if you add sugar – but spicy if you add chilli!

    And there are some weird chocolate flavours out there, like olive chocolate and wasabi chocolate and even bacon flavoured chocolate… not sure if I am up for those!


  4. Chocolate is sweet because chocolatiers – specialist chocolate makers – add sugar to it. Cocoa, the main ingredient of chocolate that gives it that incredible flavour, comes from cacao beans of the cacao tree. During the chocolate making process, cocoa powder is isolated from the beans and this is used to make chocolate. Cocoa powder is actually quite bitter,and so we have to add sugar to it to make it more palatable.Though some people seem to like really dark,bitter chocolate..Did you know that chocolate is made from three main ingredients: cocoa, cocoa butter and sugar. Flavourings like vanillare then added. The whole thing is ground together over and over to make chocolate. Thanks for this question..I think I might need some chocolate now –