Question: How long will i have to dance to die?

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  1. ooohhh.. good question!

    Can you drink water while you dance? People can only survive a few days without water, but if you were dancing and sweating you might not last even that long. I would say only a couple of days if you were dancing.

    Can you eat food while you dance? People can live without food for weeks, even months.. but if you were dancing you would be using up your energy reserves quite quickly, and you might collapse from exhaustion.

    If you imagine you could eat and drink while you danced – what about sleep? People can’t go forever without sleep, and going without sleep has serious health affects. If you didn’t get any sleep for a week you would start hallucinating, become dizzy, nauseous, and uncoordinated, and would probably fall over!

    So I don’t think you can dance yourself to death – unless you stopped drinking and eating and sleeping too – which would kill you before the dancing would.


  2. I suspect quite a long time. Humans have evolved to be endurance athletes. Because we sweat, as long as we keep up our fluids we can keep our body cool. Because we have hands with opposable thumbs we can drink while we exercise. We can’t eat very well while we exercise because that draws blood away from the muscles to the digestive system, but we can absorb simple energy rich foods (e.g. sugars).

    Some tribes of people who rely on hunting can run for a day or more and still be ok. In fact they hunt by chasing the animals to death.

    I think it depends upon how well you look after yourself. If you dance in a cool environments, stay hydrated and take some sugar you could probably dance all day and still recover to do it the next day. If you dance (or do any exercise) in a hot environment without hydration your body will over heat and you can die of heat stroke after only an hour of dancing.



  1. True, Thanks =)