Question: why is there such a focus on breast cancer isnt it true more people die from testical cancer?

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  1. I think you mean prostate cancer! About the same number of people die from breast cancer as they do from prostate cancer. There seems to be a lot of focus on breast cancer at the moment because a lot of companies have gotten behind raising money for breast cancer research,but more and more people are becoming aware of the need for more prostate cancer research. Prostate cancers are often much more slow-growing than breast cancers so take a bit longer to detect,and that always makes treatment difficult. With cancers, you want to be able to detect them as early as possible, it makes treatment more effective.

    But what we learn in breast cancer research can actually be use to help us understand and treat prostate and other cancers.There’s a lot of evidence now that breast and prostate cancers develop in similar ways or can use the same treatments. In fact, the gene I’m working on might have a role in prostate cancer. We’re also looking to see if the gene is invovled in other cancers like bowel cancer. So really, any kind of cancer research gives us more clues on how to study and treat the disease. No part of research is wasted,and you can take what you learn from one aspect of cancer and see if it applies it to cancer in a different organ altogether.