Question: Why should i choose you to win over the others?

  1. I would really like to see the prize money used to help school students in PNG learn more about science and health. Many of the schools in PNG don’t have enough basic items for lessons, and are in need of new resources, like books, posters and worksheets. I would use the money to create information packs, so that the students in PNG can have more opportunities to learn about science and health.

    And, cause I am having so much fun answering all your questions and talking to you on line that I don’t want to leave the competition too soon!


  2. I would like to win because I would like to share with young people in Queensland about the dangers of the sun.

    We all know there’s nothing people love more than a day out in the sun, but with UV levels increasing, how much sun you are exposed to now can have serious consequences when you get older.

    Skin cancer rates among young people are among the highest in the country here in Queensland, and I would like to share my research with the younger generation about how skin cancer forms and why it’s very important to protect yourself.

    Also, I hope that by students experiencing a day in the lab and talking to scientists, that they will be inspired by what we are doing and consider a career in Science, because we need more brainy young minds if we are going to succeed!

    And also, this is so much fun for me to be able to interact with you guys, so I want to stay in for as long as possible!! 😀 😀


  3. You should vote for me to win if you think that I am giving good answer to your questions and you want me to keep doing so for a bit longer.

    Also, if I win I will use the money to help kids in country Australia learn about science and careers in science. I grew up in the country and even when you are interested in science it is very difficult to learn about what being a scientist means. Many country schools can’t even teach science because they do not have the resources or people.



  1. @Kyrstal my Dad went to PNG for surfing with a group of friends and staying in the middle of nowhere. Him and his friends got taken to a school and they got to see what it’s like and they donated heaps of stuff. They also donated clothes to the kids from the village near where they were staying. My Dad said that when he showed his camera to them they were amazed, and that they’re really happy kids yet they have hardly anything.


  2. @Kyrstal it’s so great that you are going to help them!


  3. @Jaquelin – Yeah it’s so strange to think how close Australia is to PNG and how yet different our lives are. I would love to give some students in PNG more resources, new books and worksheets and really useful information on health and diseases. My friend Leanne lives in PNG and she’s a scientist too, working on malaria. We did our PhDs together in Melbourne. Anyway, I’ve been talking to her about what projects we could do if I had $1000 to spend up there – hopefully we can do some cool stuff!

    Thanks for all your comments and questions!