Question: Regarding you saying that you've been in plays on the chat, what plays?

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  1. Hi jacquelin! I’ve been in dozens of plays, ever since I was at high school, comedies, musicals, dramas, and Shakespeare. My favourite roles have been “The Wicked Witch of the West” in The Wizard of Oz, and the lead role of “Nora” in “The Dollhouse” a drama by Henrik Ibsen. The last play I was in was “Julius Caeser” by Shakespeare, and I played a solider and got to do lots of cool battle scenes and swordfights.

    It’s nice to have a hobby and to sometimes think about things other than science 🙂



  1. Thats really cool, I enjoy doing drama too. At the moment I am learning lines to play Prince Charming in our school play! Hahahaha