Question: Do you like sport, if so what is your favorite sport and favourite sporting team??

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  1. I really like sport actually! I love cricket and soccer, and I follow the English Premier League a bit. My team in the Premier League is Manchester United (I almost grew up in Manchester.That’s my story and I’m sticking with it). As for cricket – even though we lost, it was great to watch the Ashes as my whole lab kept track of the scores during the day and we ducked upstairs to the tea room where there’s a TV to catch a bit of cricket with lunch. When the soccer world cup was on we had a pool and picked a team out of a hat,and hung out to watch the games together. It was great fun! Took me ages to catch up on the sleep, though..


  2. I do like sport and I’ve played sport all my life. My favourite sport is ice hockey, because that’s what I play myself. I get to watch a lot of local games including some of the the Australian Ice Hockey League games, but the highest level for ice hockey is really the National Hockey League (NHL) in the US and Canada. In the NHL I support the Vancouver Canucks.

    NHL games are difficult to watch in Australia. Only a few games are broadcast on television here, which means the only real option is streaming on the internet. The problem with that is that the US and Canada charge a lot of money to watch sport.