Question: Why do we wash our hair if it is just waste material of the body?

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  1. People like to look nice and keeping clean helps prevent disease.

    Hair has non-fasion related purposes as well. Just like other hairy animals hair keeps us warm and hair cells also contain receptors and are involved in the sense of touch.


  2. There is a theory that you don’t need to wash your hair, but not many people want to test this out.

    Your scalp produces natural oils that your hair soaks up and this helps keep your hair clean and tangle free. Using shampoos can actually wash away this natural oil, so your body thinks it needs to make more, so you actually get oily hair…

    A friend of mine did an experiment and stopped washing his hair for six weeks. In the first couple of weeks his hair was a bit greasy, but after that it settled into a balance and he reckoned it was softer and shiner than ever. Maybe you should try an experiment!