Question: when was the last major breakthrough you have had in your work

  1. We have found several very interesting things recently and we’re now working really hard to try and understand them in detail.

    For example, we have found a new mutation in a gene that seems to have a very big role in breast cancer. Different levels of the protein made by this gene seem to have a big effect on how patients respond to some of the drugs we use to treat cancer. Another mutation we found seems to control the way cancer cell use energy (metabolism). This is very exciting because the pathways that control metabolism make very good drug targets.


  2. We’ve found a few really interesting things recently that we are doing more study on to see if we can take them to clinical trials.

    The first is that the gene we are working on, for which we have what looks like a good treatment when used for breast cancer, may be involved in prostate and ovarian cancers. While we still need to do further studies on it, it looks as if we could use the same treatment for a range of cancers. And we think it can either be used with chemoptherapy, or without it in combination with other treatments.

    The other thing we have discovered is that a drug already used to treat breast cancer can be used with a combination of other therapies to treat the disease really well. It also seems to prime the immune system to recognise the cancer. This is really exciting because it means we can reduce the liklihood of the cancer returning because the immune system know what to look for.