Question: Will the sun eventually crash into the Earth?

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  1. It won’t crash exactly. What will happen is that the sun will sort of explode. Once all of the hydrogen in the sun is used up it will change and start to expand. I think astronomers call this a Red Dwarf. As the sun expands and gets bigger it will consume the earth.


  2. The sun won’t exactly crash in to the earth, but the sun would burn up the Earth as it dies. So, the sun is a kind of star we called a yellow dwarf, because of its size, and it has layers like the Earth has – an outer layer, an inner core. When a star like the sun exhausts all the hydrogen fuel it is core, the outer layer will expand into what is called a red giant – many times its normal size. The diameter of this red giant will be so large it will make the boundary fo the sun go far beyond Earth. Most of the water on Earth would probably boil away and the Earth would effectively be incinerated. Then these outer layers will fall away and end up forming what’s called a planetary nebula, a gas cloud. All that will remain of the sun is the hot, central core, which will eventually fade into what we call a white dwarf star.

    But as this won’t happen for another 5 billion years at least, humans (if they still exist then!) might have found another planet to move to from Earth.