Question: What do you think will be the next leading energy source (e.g. solar geothermal etc.) for power in the future

  1. Hi there randomdude!

    Australia actually has lots of options for new renewable energy sources. Just recently, a team of scientists got together and actually worked out a plan to show how Australia could go to 100% renewable energy by 2020!! This involved mixing different energy sources, but the main ones were wind and solar – because the technology for wind and solar are the most advanced.

    But what will be the next leading energy source for power in the future? I think geothermal has HUGE potential – but we haven’t quite got all the technology right to be able to make the most of it.

    So I think the next leading energy source is most likely to be a combination of wind and solar – but with more research into geothermal – it could be a winner!


  2. Hey randomdude..

    I think there will be a lot of different renewable energy sources used in the the future. I don’t know that there will be just one kind. It would have to be developed for each different country depending on the resources available. So in countries like Iceland and New Zealand where there is a lot of sites that could be used for geothermal energy, they will use that as their primary power source. In tropical countries or countries with lots of sunshine, solar energy could be the main source, and they could even export it to other countries if they produced enough. We’re very lucky in Australia that we can use a number of renewable sources of energy – we could use solar, tidal, wind AND geothermal energy to cover our power needs, if we wanted to!