Question: Is the risk of getting skin cancer less for dark skinned people?

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  1. Hi smash! I remember this question being asked in the chat. I’ve double-checked a bit about that.

    So it’s the pigment melanin in skin that makes it brown, dark brown or almost black. It helps to absorb UV radiation from the sun – which is why when you go out in the sun for too long, your skin will often darken – UV light induces the formation of more melanin. Too much UV radiation can lead to melanomas (skin cancers).

    This means that darker skin can absorb more radiation than fairer skin. Skin cancer seems to be less common in darker-skinned people than they are in fairer skin,but darker skinned people can get melanomas. In fact, the melanomas that form in dark skin are often more aggressive. So it’s best to stick the same rules as everyone else with the sun: wear a hat, wear sunscreen and protect your skin.



  1. okay thanks! (: