Question: Are there such things as jetpacks?

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  1. There are actually such things as jetpacks! But they are only in experimental and trial stages of development at the moment. Many people have been trying to invent jetbacks for decades. In 2004, a Swiss inventor and former pilot, Yves Rossy, had a go at testing a jetpack with flat wings attached. He did pretty well, but he’s still fine tuning it. So someday, we might really have jetpacks. I can’t wait!


  2. Hi Dukey15 – yes! There is such a thing as a jetpack!

    The technology hasn’t quite gotten to the point where we can all use one to fly around with all the time – which kidsa sucks – cause I want one! People first started working on jetpacks back in the 1940’s – and they thought for sure that we would all be flying around on them in the 21st century. But no…

    It turns out that human bodies aren’t really the right shape and size for flying, and it takes a LOT of fuel to be able to keep someone up in the air using a jet pack. And fuel weighs a lot, which makes the jet pack more heavy, which means you need more fuel to keep it up in the air and fuel is heavy… and so.. yeah, you see the problem here! Also they are really extremely noisy – which makes it hard to imagine an entire class of students flying to school on jetpacks – the noise would deafen everyone!

    BUT – there are jet packs for sale! If you have about $US 200,000 dollars. They only last for about nine minutes at a time – but this was long enough for someone to fly over a canyon in the USA!

    Look at jet packs for sale here:
    AND here: