Question: what do you rather apple or microsoft?

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  1. I use both! At work I use a Macbook, but at home I have a Dell PC. I love my new shiny Android Incredible phone, but I still listen to music on my ipod.

    But Bill Gates is my boss! He has donated billions of dollars to improving the health of women and children in developing countries, and lots of money for malaria resarch.

    so maybe microsoft isn’t so bad after all…


  2. I use an Apple. This is simply because Windows does not do some of the things I need. I could do what I need with an Apple or with Linux (the third option), but I can’t be bothered with Linux anymore.


  3. I use both as we have mostly PCs at work, but my personal computer at home has always been Apple. I prefer Apple overall – there are a lot of really good science-related programs for Apple and the computers just last longer.