Question: If you were blessed with one supernatural talent, what would it be?

  1. I only get to choose one?!?

    I think being able to teleport would be awesome. I could save all that time I spend travelling between places and spend more time doing the things I’m travelling to those places for.


  2. If I could only choose one super power, I’d choose to be able to fly. I would love to have that feeling of weightlessness and being able to fly where ever you wanted to, when ever you wanted to. Especially over traffic jams.


  3. Hi map and bronto – thanks for all your question – keep ’em coming!

    Flying! I dream about flying all the time.. I love the idea of being able to just shoot up into the sky and travel long distances really quickly and be anywhere in the world whenever I want. I love waking up in the morning after I’ve had a flying dream, it puts me in a good mood for the whole day!!