Question: Do you think fishing should be banned?

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  1. I don’t think fishing should be banned – neither commericial fishery, by big boats and companies, or non-commercial,small scale fishing where people go out and fish in a stream or the sea. But we might need to be more careful about how we go about fishing – not overfishing,making sure that there are enough stocks so we have fish for next year as well and that we don’t fish a species to extinction. We also don’t want waste fish. I suspect we probably don’t need to fish as much as we do. Most of the edible fish is sent for canning which can lead to waste, and it uses a lot of resources. It would be nice if the world sat down and mapped all the fish stocks we have and thought about the best ways of maintaining them, how much to fish etc.


  2. No, I don’t think we should ban fishing – but I think we should think more carefully about the way people fish and the kinds of fish they catch.

    There are a lot of endangered fish that have been “over-fished” and some ways of fishing that can damage the marine environment.

    So overall we should probably do less fishing – to let the current fish breed and re-populate. And avoid catching small fish – again, so they get a chance to grow up and breed, and not fish in areas where fish spawn, so that fish populations can come back up in number.

    I don’t eat a lot of fish – but when I do, I try to choose “sustainable” fish that aren’t at risk of extinction and have been caught in an environmentally friendly way!