Question: what is worse coke, diet coke, or caffeine free coke, explain?

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  1. Coke is really bad for you because it has lots of sugar which corrodes your teeth!! And caffeine which raises your heart rate, and is not good for young people.

    But diet coke has lots of artificial sweeteners which are also not healthy.

    If you want a sweet drink, I recommend having milk or a juice, which at least has some nutritional benefit like vitamins and minerals, and not just sugar and nasty artificial stuff!


  2. I think coke generally is just bad for you! I don’t think that any kind of Coke (or Pepsi if you are that way inclined) would be good for you as most of them have colours, flavorings, lots of sugar or artificial sweeteners that are no good for you. And Coke has caffeine, which you shouldn’t have too much of, especially if you are still growing. Did you know that there’s a running joke that you could use Coke to clean bathrooms instead of detergent because it’s so bad for you? So, drink some juice instead 😉



  1. didnt answer my question at all im still gonna srink coke 🙁