Question: what is air for

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  1. Air is used for all sort of things including making whipped cream and inflating tyres.

    Perhaps it two most important functions for us are the two that keep us alive. Air is really just the collective name for the gasses that make up our atmosphere, which protects us from space. There is a lot of radiation that comes from all over the universe to hit the earth. High doses of this radiation would be dangerous to us, but fortunately our atmosphere filters out most of it, keeping us save. The air in our atmosphere also heats up things that move though it very quickly. The earth gets hit by all sorts of space debris, rocks and meteors all the time. We don’t know it though because our atmosphere burns and breaks them up and don’t make it to the surface. This is why one of the biggest problems with going into space it getting back again. You have to design your space craft to resist the heat generated by trying to get into our atmosphere.

    At ground level where were live, the atmosphere is made mostly of nitrogen and oxygen, about 80% nitrogen and about 20% oxygen. The oxygen bit is critical to our survival because our organs and tissues need it to function. When we say that we need air to live, it’s really the oxygen in the air that we need.